Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bringing Hope to Orphans in Pakistan!

Children in Pakistan face a variety of serious challenges ranging from malnutrition and poor access to education and health facilities to exploitation in the form of child labor. Their low status in society can leave them victim to daily violence at home and in school as well as to organized trafficking and sexual exploitation.

This Christmas we are launching a program to give gifts to widows, orphans and needy children in Western Pakistan. We know many families which have no food and clothes and are having difficulty providing for their children.

If you can donate to help it will be blessing for them during this Christmas time. You can make a positive change in their life on this Christmas. Bring a smile on their faces and show them God's love this Christmas.

For one family we only need:

Rice ………….....2 KG…….225 Rs...$2.81
Sugar…………...3 KG…….129 Rs....$1.61
Flour ……….....20 KG…….500 Rs...$6.25
Cooking Oil…..2 Liter….240 Rs....$3.00
Tea Bags..... 2 Pack…..120 Rs....$1.50
Bath Soap…..3 Tickey..120 Rs....$1.50Total Amount...... 1334 Rs..$16.67
We need $16.67 for one family to provide them food for 15-20 days this Christmas. That is only $1 a day to make an incredible change in someone's life!
To donate or get more involved, please visit our website at or contact Ray Ruppert at

Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Involved in our New Projects in Fiji!

Now is your opportunity to be involved in serving others in the South Pacific! We have scheduled a new project in Fiji for June 2010 and would like to welcome our new project coordinators Sunia and Maryanne Ritchie Leota to Serving Others Worldwide.

Our team will leave June 1st and return June 21st. This project will consist of building a community center for the locals, hold educational programs for the children, supply educational materials, provide clothing and "sow many seeds of love"!

Our projects are located in the northwest area of the main island in the Wailevu Village in Wainibuka and the team will experience first-hand the beautiful terrain, great food, and warm loving culture that Fiji is known for. To donate or get more involved, please visit our website at and stay informed by keeping up on our blog!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Serving the Masai in Kenya in Dec. 2009!

Thirty volunteers are leaving for Kenya on December 17th to build an addition onto the previously built medical clinic for the Masai.

Medical teams will also be treating malaria, typhoid and other sicknesses in addition to holding a vision clinic and prescribing glasses thanks to Dr. Shepherd of Enumclaw Family Optometry.

Other volunteers will also be distributing clothing and school supplies and holding programs for the local children. To donate or get more involved, please visit our website at or stay informed by keeping up on our blog!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Group Serving Russian Orphans Returns

Twelve volunteer’s from humanitarian aid organization Serving Others Worldwide returned to Seattle after helping orphans in Southwest Russia. These volunteer’s and their supporters represent the selfless humanitarian focus of many individuals and companies throughout the U.S. Much thanks goes to all the families and friends in support of these volunteers!

The focus of their trip was to visit the orphans and orphanages being sponsored and assist in developing new programs for older orphan graduates leaving the orphanages seeking higher education and to become productive members of our world society. Volunteers established child sponsorships, supplied educational materials and clothing, and provided programs for children to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

About Serving Others Worldwide:
Serving Others Worldwide™ is a non-profit organization focused on providing aid to the poor, the distressed, and the underprivileged, and seeks to assist underdeveloped communities around the world in improving their quality of life physically, mentally, and spiritually while providing short-term volunteers with a hands-on experience in humanitarian service.

For additional information on the news in this release or interest in volunteering or donating to this charity, contact Isaac Heckman, Executive Director or visit and stay informed by keeping up on our blog!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Serving Others Worldwide helps Local Communities!

Serving Others Worldwide would like to commend it's local project coordinator, Angela Anacker for going above and beyond the call of duty and organizing a group of volunteer's to help bring joy to her local woman's shelter just after she returned as a volunteer with Serving Others Worldwide in Southwest Kenya working with us to build a birthing center for the Masai tribe.

Angela says, "Going to Africa with Serving Others Worldwide helped me realize how important it is to be involved in actively serving others, whether here in the States or abroad. I can't wait to organize more projects here locally through this great organization and give others that same opportunity to volunteer on projects that impact people's lives for the better and be a part of Serving Others Worldwide!"

Angela's next project for Serving Others Worldwide is currently gathering volunteers for a Habitat for Humanity building project in Tacoma, June 20th 8:45am-3pm. To sign up to join her in this effort, email her at

Executive Director, Isaac Heckman invites everyone to get more involved in serving our world family in need and says, "Much of the work we do focuses on improving the quality of life for families around the world. Weather building homes, schools, orphanages, or medical clinics our desire is to build relationships... and while promoting education, health and well-being, most of all we are sowing seeds of love through the example selfless service!"

For more information on future projects and how you can get involved, email us or visit our website at and stay informed by keeping up on our blog!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Help us help orphans in Russia!

Serving Others Worldwide is promoting a program called Alone No More and planning to take a group of volunteers to Kursk, Russia in September 2009 to help 8 different orphanages.

There are more than 1 million orphans and homeless children in Russia. Statistics show that if these children are not helped that only 1 out of 10 orphans becomes a functional member of society!

If you have a burden for making a difference in young lives, this is a great cause to give to. The Bible defines true religion, "pure and undefiled in the sight of God, to look after widows and orphans in their time of need." With Serving Others Worldwide's - Alone No More programs we are truly looking after these orphans in their "time of need" and can make possible for them the hope of a stronger future.

You can donate to this cause by going to our website at and donating to "Russia Orphans"!

Stay informed and keep up on our other programs through our blog!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Serving Others Worldwide receives large donation from Crocs!

When we found out that the majority of poor children and adults get worms just because they do not have shoes, we thought, “We can fix that!” And now with the innovative creation of the rubber Croc shoe and their willing participation through SolesUnited we are able to give a quality product that will breathe without socks, will not break down in the water during monsoon season, and will protect feet from injury and worms.

The Crocs company has donated to Serving Others Worldwide hundreds of crocs that we can take on our projects to give to the locals and schoolchildren we serve.

Thank you Crocs and Soles United for helping us meet this very important need!

View the video about this program!