Sunday, May 10, 2009

Serving Others Worldwide helps Local Communities!

Serving Others Worldwide would like to commend it's local project coordinator, Angela Anacker for going above and beyond the call of duty and organizing a group of volunteer's to help bring joy to her local woman's shelter just after she returned as a volunteer with Serving Others Worldwide in Southwest Kenya working with us to build a birthing center for the Masai tribe.

Angela says, "Going to Africa with Serving Others Worldwide helped me realize how important it is to be involved in actively serving others, whether here in the States or abroad. I can't wait to organize more projects here locally through this great organization and give others that same opportunity to volunteer on projects that impact people's lives for the better and be a part of Serving Others Worldwide!"

Angela's next project for Serving Others Worldwide is currently gathering volunteers for a Habitat for Humanity building project in Tacoma, June 20th 8:45am-3pm. To sign up to join her in this effort, email her at

Executive Director, Isaac Heckman invites everyone to get more involved in serving our world family in need and says, "Much of the work we do focuses on improving the quality of life for families around the world. Weather building homes, schools, orphanages, or medical clinics our desire is to build relationships... and while promoting education, health and well-being, most of all we are sowing seeds of love through the example selfless service!"

For more information on future projects and how you can get involved, email us or visit our website at and stay informed by keeping up on our blog!