Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pakistan Updates:

Serving Others Worldwide has an update on the girl in Pakistan who has the neck thyroid problem. After raising the needed money to get her to a medical facility, the doctor says she must take medicines for one month to recover from breath and lung problems. She will then be given more tests and they will decide about surgery.
She is an abnormal child but she can feel some one is taking care of her and wants her to be healthy like other normal children. She cannot understand medical process but she can understand love which is being shown to make her healthy. I wish you were here to see her expression when she was told about the surgery. She is happy for this all.
Thank you very much for your prayers and love for this girl. He parents are thankful to you for all that you are doing for her.

Other updates from our projects in Pakistan are as follows:

Medical CampThe area where we set up our medical camp and food distribution was affected by the flood. This area badly damaged houses collapsed. Only a few houses remain standing but can’t be lived in.
Water is drying out but people are still fighting with many problems. Big organizations are working in Pakistan but are only working in areas where they can get media attention to get publicity for more donations for flood victims. They are ignoring small villages. We have done our work in areas that are ignored.

After flooding, the next challenge that people have to face is health problems. This has already started, as many people are getting sick with cholera, diarrhea, ophthalmia, boils, and other skin diseases.

We held this medical camp for these people to save them from these diseases and we provided them medicine and clean water to drink. We arranged for a doctor who did check-ups and prescribed some medicine. He also gave them some safety measures to avoid different diseases from becoming epidemic.
In our medical camp we treated 30 people including children and gave them medicine to get relief.
SchoolIt is closed now for summer vocation but we are providing holdingfor children.
Out ReachWe are reaching out to impoverished families and underpriviledged children on a regular bases through our local workers who help us bring hope to the hopeless on a daily basis.
Sewing SchoolIt is doing well; new students are coming in to attend classes.
Work with HomelessSome homeless people have come to fill the space because last month some homeless families left. Other people are still learning.

Please continue to help us help others by supporting our continued programs around the world.